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Buzzfeed’s ‘28 Reasons Fred And George Are The Best Characters In The Harry Potter Series’ 

#3: Even the teachers were impressed with the Weasley twins’ epic exit.

The list also proves that A. Buzzfeed is great, B. Harry Potter lives on in our hearts for-ev-ur (Sandlot style) and C. I wasn’t the only one completely torn up at the loss of George. RIP

Ahh crud! Can’t believe A. I got the wrong twin and B. that it took this long for someone to point it out. Sorry Tumblr.

"You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it." 

Greatly saddened by the loss of Robin Williams. We are forever grateful for all that he gave to the world of performing arts. His inspirational performances in countless films made us laugh, made us cry, and made us think. In his honor, we are sharing this portrait from our Digital Collections. 


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